Recommended Reading

21st Century Learning

Fullan, M (2012) Stratosphere – Integrating Technology, Pedagogy & Change Knowledge  Scarborough: Prentice Hall

Richardson, W (2012) Why School? Amazon Digital Services: TED Books

Whitby, G (2013) Educating Gen Wi-Fi, Sydney: ABC Books


Heffernan, M (2015) Beyond MeasureAmazon Digital Services: TED Books

Hybels, B (2002) Courageous Leadership Grand Rapids: Zondervan

Strom, M (2013) Lead With Wisdom Milton, QLD: Wiley

Christian Education

Goodlet & Collier [Eds]  (2014) Teaching Well: Insights for Educators in Christian Schools Canberra: Barton Books

Palmer, P (2007) The Courage to Teach 10th Anniversary Version, Jossey-Bass

Potter, M (2013) We Have a Voice – The Hope We PossessGosford: Resolve

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